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Nebraska Concrete Paving Association


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There are four types of memberships available in the Nebraska Concrete Paving Association. Take a moment to review each membership category, view our current list of members and find out how your organization could benefit from joining other leading paving contractors, suppliers, consultants and industry professionals.

All Contractors Involved
with Placing and Finishing
Concrete Pavements

Annual Dues:

Paving more than

160K SY Annually - $6,000

Paving less than

160K SY Annually - $2,500

Visiting Contractor
 $500 + $0.04 per SY
up to a total of $6,000 per year

Material Suppliers, Equipment Companies  & Companies Furnishing Services to the Paving Industry

Engineering Organizations that  Regularly Design Concrete Pavements

Entities associated with the concrete industry who do not qualify for other classes of membership

Questions about membership options? Contact Bruce Grupe