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Nebraska Concrete Paving Association

Workshop Presentations

View the 2019 Workshop Presentations

Review the presentations offered at the 40th Annual NCPA Concrete Paving Workshop by clicking the “+” sign for each topic of interest.

40th Annual NCPA Workshop
Central Plains Cement Company
Proper Maintenance for the Long Life of Concrete Pavements
Drone Applications in Concrete Paving
PCC Pavement: Repair vs. Overlay vs. Reconstruction
Thrasher Commercial Group
Low Density Cellular Concrete
Optimization of Pavement Concrete
Concrete Overlays: A Proven Resurfacing Strategy
Performance Engineered: Mixtures and AASHTO PP 84: It's Time for a Change
Product Availability: Fly Ash
Federal Motor Carrier Rules and Regulations
Silica Rule Update / Silica Mitigation Equipment
ABC in Nebraska: Belden to Laurel Bridge
Upcoming Airport Projects
Accelerated Delivery - NDOT Design-Build Project
Pavement Asset Management
Iowa DOT: Council Bluffs Border City Agreements
2018 Interground/Blended Cements