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Nebraska Concrete Paving Association

2017 Award Winners

The current year award honorees are featured below.  Click the “+” for more information and photos for each award category.

Interstate Highways and Expressways

NW 56th – US-77 S. Interchange, Lincoln; IM-NH-80-9(862)
Project Manager Plaques Tony Armour Mainelli Wagner & Associates
Rick Schmunk NDOR District 5
Owner Certificates-of-Merit Kelvin Arent Mainelli Wagner & Associates
Matt Manning Mainelli Wagner & Associates
Gordon Ruziska Mainelli Wagner & Associates
Contractor Plaque Interstate Highway Construction, Inc.
Contractor Certificates-of-Merit Pablo Erazo Interstate Highway Construction, Inc.
Mark Foote Interstate Highway Construction, Inc.
Bryan Herboldsheimer Interstate Highway Construction, Inc.
Jacob Burkheart Interstate Highway Construction, Inc.
Mike Miranowski Interstate Highway Construction, Inc.
Designer Plaques Daniel L. Carey Olsson Associates
Jacqueline Baird NDOR Roadway Design Division
Designer Certificates-of-Merit Tony Kessler NDOT Roadway Design
Secondary State Highways

Hershey Viaduct; TMT-L56C (1010)
Project Manager Plaque Gary Brinker NDOR District 6
Owner Certificates-of-Merit Paul Gibbs NDOR District 6
Andrew Reinhard NDOR District 6
Contractor Plaque Paulsen, Inc.
Contractor Certificates-of-Merit Justin Morrow Paulsen, Inc.
Darrell O’Neal Paulsen, Inc.
Gary Wendt Paulsen, Inc.
Steve Buss Paulsen, Inc.
Don Darling Paulsen, Inc.
Salvador Mendez Paulsen, Inc.
Dave Neill Paulsen, Inc.
Designer Plaque Toby Fierstein NDOT Roadway Design Division

Tekamah Municipal Airport; Rehabilitate Hangar Taxilanes and Apron and Relocate Connector Taxiway
Owner Plaque Tekamah Airport Authority
Owner Certificates Charles Goll Tekamah Airport Authority
Kent Rogert Tekamah Airport Authority
Brett Langley Tekamah Airport Authority
Allen Soll Tekamah Airport Authority
Fran Strong Tekamah Airport Authority
Contractor Plaque M.E. Collins Contracting Co., Inc.
Contractor Certificates-of-Merit Dan Ludvik M.E. Collins Contracting Co., Inc.
Andy Dailey M.E. Collins Contracting Co., Inc.
Oscar Marta Hernandez M.E. Collins Contracting Co., Inc.
Trev Ludvik M.E. Collins Contracting Co., Inc.
Jaime Morales M.E. Collins Contracting Co., Inc.
Raymundo Ortiz Reyes M.E. Collins Contracting Co., Inc.
Sergio Venegas M.E. Collins Contracting Co., Inc.
Randy Else M.E. Collins Contracting Co., Inc.
Eng. Rep. Plaque Olsson Associates
Eng. Rep. Certificates-of-Merit Chris Corr Olsson Associates
Shane Groh Olsson Associates
Evan Johnson Olsson Associates
Designer Plaque Heather Olson Olsson Associates
Designer Certificates-of-Merit Jeremy Olson Olsson Associates
Parking Lots, Trails & Misc. Paving

Parking Lots

2625 and 2637 S. 158th St. Plaza Parking Lot Concrete Overlay
Owner Plaque Lyman-Richey Corporation
Contractor Plaques Daedalus Construction
JR Barger and Sons
Mackie Construction, Inc.
A M Contracting
Contractor Certificates-of-Merit Louie Dirks Daedalus Construction
Greg McGee, Daedalus Construction
Chig Barger JR Barger & Sons
Don Johnson JR Barger & Sons
Kurt Mackie Mackie Construction, Inc.
Andy Mallory A M Contracting
Eng. Rep. Plaque Paul Gonzales E&A Consulting Group
Eng. Rep. Certificates-of-Merit Randal Pierce, P.E. E&A Consulting Group
Designer Plaque E&A Consulting Group
Designer Certificates-of-Merit Teresa Wooten, P.E. E&A Consulting Group
Shawn Cox E&A Consulting Group
Mark Westergard, P.E. E&A Consulting Group


Urban Streets

Broken Bow; Downtown Square Improvements and 10th Ave., 9th Ave., & D St. Improvement District
Owner Plaque City of Broken Bow
Owner Certificates Cecil Burt Mayor, City of Broken Bow
Monte Clark Broken Bow City Street Supt.
Brent Clark Broken Bow City Administrator
Rod Sonnichsen Broken Bow City Council President
Neal Neth Broken Bow City Council Member
Chris Myers Broken Bow City Council Member
Jacob Holcomb Broken Bow City Council Member
Contractor Plaque Meyers Construction, Inc.
Contractor Certificates-of-Merit Perry Myers Company Owner
Joseph Wamsley Site Supervisor
Jim Shea Site Supervisor
Dave Saunders Paving Machine Operator
Tyrel Osienger
Kyle Huhman
Joseph Thomas
Eng. Rep. Plaque Ryan C. Kavan JEO Consulting Group, Inc.
Eng. Rep. Certificates-of-Merit Brent Ciecior JEO Consulting Group, Inc.
Designer Plaque Charles McFarland JEO Consulting Group, Inc.
Designer Certificates-of-Merit Troy Johnston JEO Consulting Group, Inc.
Projects Less Than 30,000 SY

Dakota City 2017 Street Paving
Owner Plaque City of Dakota City, NE
Owner Certificates Jerry Yacevich Mayor
Clint Rasmussen Council Member
James Varvais Council Member
Andrew Backman Council Member
Linda Schovanec Council Member
Alyssa Silhacek City Administrator
Kurt Peterson Maintenance Supervisor
Contractor Plaque Steve Harris Construction
Contractor Certificates-of-Merit Steven W. Harris, Jr. Steve Harris Construction
Travis W. Harris Steve Harris Construction
Curt W. Harris Steve Harris Construction
Dave F. Leckband Steve Harris Construction
Juan M. Ramirez Steve Harris Construction
Ben Schamp Steve Harris Construction
Eng. Rep. Plaque Blake Eisenmann JEO Consulting Group Inc.
Eng. Rep. Certificates-of-Merit Baylor Bestgen JEO Consulting Group, Inc.
Jim Bertch, P.E. CTS, Inc.
Designer Plaque Jonathan Marburger JEO Consulting Group, Inc.
Designer Certificates-of-Merit Josh Erickson JEO Consulting Group, Inc.
County Roads

Adams County; Adams Central Avenue Paving
Owner Plaques Adams County
Adams Central Schools
Owner Certificates Lee Hogan Adams County Board of Supervisors
Charles “Chuck” Neumann Adams County Board of Supervisors
Glenn Larsen Adams County Board of Supervisors
Dale Curtis Adams County Board of Supervisors
Eldon Orthmann Adams County Board of Supervisors
Michael Stromer Adams County Board of Supervisors
Scott Thomsen Adams County Board of Supervisors
Dawn Miller Adams County Highway Supt.
Mike Weeks Honorary Member – Adams Co.
Shawn Scott Adams Co. Superintendent of Schools
Dave Johnson President, Adams Co. School Board
Chad Trausch VP, Adams Co. School Board
Tim O’Dey Secretary, Adams Co. School Board
Janice Niemeyer Treasurer, Adams Co. School Board
Randy Kort Adams Co. School Board Member
Curtis Wahlmeier Adams Co. School Board Member
Contractor Plaque The Diamond Engineering Co.
Contractor Certificates-of-Merit Matthew Ley The Diamond Engineering Co.
Francisco Rodriguez The Diamond Engineering Co.
Fidel Acevedo The Diamond Engineering Co.
Eng. Rep. Plaque Olsson Associates
Eng. Rep. Certificates-of-Merit Chad Deisley Olsson Associates
Designer Plaque Olsson Associates
Designer Certificates-of-Merit Larry Husted Olsson Associates
Jeff Palik Olsson Associates


Concrete Overlays

Washington County, County Road 4 Concrete Overlay – Herman, NE
Owner Plaque Washington County Highway Department
Owner Certificates Cheryl Parsons Former Washington County Highway Supt.
Bill Hansel Current Washington County Highway Supt.
Contractor Plaque A&R Construction Company
Contractor Certificates-of-Merit David Conde A&R Construction Company
Jesus Cerda A&R Construction Company
Santiago Marino A&R Construction Company
Anthony Salazar A&R Construction Company
Eng. Rep. Plaque Shane Swope Schemmer Associates, Inc.
Designer Plaque Jon Goldie Schemmer Associates, Inc.
Adam Sleeper, P.E. Schemmer Associates, Inc.
CPR Projects

I-80, Maxwell to Brady; NH-80-4 (139)
Project Manager Plaque Josh Willard NDOR District 6
Owner Certificates-of-Merit Kurt Snider NDOR District 6
Alex Arthur NDOR District 6
Elizabeth Whitton NDOR District 6
Michael McIntosh NDOR District 6
Contractor Plaques Ten Point Construction
Paulsen, Inc.
Contractor Certificates-of-Merit Todd Venteicher Ten Point Construction
Angel Williams-Garcia Ten Point Construction
Alvaro Corona-Hernandez Ten Point Construction
Javier Martinez Ten Point Construction
Javier Martinez, Jr. Ten Point Construction
Alejandro Fernandes-Alvarado Ten Point Construction
Jairon Flores Ten Point Construction
Kenny Flores Ten Point Construction
Emmanuel Alvarado Ten Point Construction
Angel Renteria Ten Point Construction
Nerio Suarez Ten Point Construction
Apolinar Hernandez Ten Point Construction
Jose R. Rodriguez Nieto Ten Point Construction
KR Buck Ten Point Construction
Casey Buck Ten Point Construction
Mike Freund Ten Point Construction
Jason Nielsen Ten Point Construction
Darrell O’Neal Paulsen, Inc.
Salvador Mendez Paulsen, Inc.
Dave Neill Paulsen, Inc.
Designer Plaque Pavement Design Section NDOT Materials & Research Div.
Designer Certificates-of-Merit Matthew Bouwens NDOT Materials & Research Div.
Tim Yates NDOT Materials & Research Div.
Linda Masek NDOT Materials & Research Div.
Dennis Meinecke NDOT Materials & Research Div.
Matthew McFadden Felsburg Holt & Ullevig
Jacqueline Baird NDOT Roadway Design

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