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Nebraska Concrete Paving Association

Each Year, Portland cement concrete pavement projects are rated to determine the best pavements designed and constructed during the current contract year. The Awards program is intended to encourage high quality workmanship in every concrete pavement project.

Now Accepting Nominations for 2019 Awards!

New for 2019!
Submit your award nomination online using the convenient form below. Please carefully read through the information below before you proceed to the nomination form.

NCPA Awards Nomination Details

Portland cement concrete pavement projects will be rated to determine the best pavements designed and constructed during the current contract year.  The Awards program is intended to encourage high quality workmanship in every concrete pavement project.
One award winner will be selected in each of the following categories:
  • Interstate Highways & Expressways—Divided Highway and Interstate projects of considerable size. This category is meant to encompass mainline paving on divided highways and freeways.
  • Secondary State Highways—Project of considerable size; mainline paving on highways in a rural setting not on Interstate or Expressway System.
  • County Roads—Roads on the county system maintained by local county highway departments.
  • Local Projects of less than 30,000 Square Yards—PCC Paving projects on local roads and streets.
  • High Traffic Airports—Construction of PCC pavements, concrete overlays, and inlays for runways, taxiways, and apron areas of airports averaging more than 100,000 passenger boardings annually.
  • Airports — Construction of PCC pavements, concrete overlays, and inlays for runways, taxiways, and apron areas of airports averaging less than 100,000 passenger boardings annually.
  • Municipal Streets—Urban paving projects usually with curb and gutter, intersections, intakes, manholes, and other urban characteristics; on the state highway system.
  • Urban Streets—PCC pavements usually with curb and gutter, intersections, intakes, manholes and other urban characteristics; not on the state highway system.
  • CPR—includes all contracted restoration projects utilizing any combination of full-and partial-depth repairs, joint and crack resealing, dowel bar retrofit, slab stabilization, cross stitching, retrofit PCC shoulders, retrofit edge drains, grooving, and subsequently has had smoothness restored by use of diamond grinding; on all types of facilities in the other categories. (Note: Projects that contain sections of more than 1,500 feet of a single continuous four-lane replacement are NOT considered CPR projects. Please submit such projects in one of the other categories.)
  • Parking Lots, Recreational Trails and Other Miscellaneous Paving—Construction of PCC projects public or private use. This also includes other miscellaneous concrete paving projects that do not qualify in the other transportation categories.
  • Portland Cement Concrete Overlays—Concrete overlays of existing rural or municipal pavements using PCC Concrete. These can be projects on the State system, county system or municipal system.
Nebraska Department of Transportation districts; NDOT-Division of Aeronautics; local government officials, contractors, suppliers, and consulting engineers are invited to nominate exemplary candidates for each of the categories. Projects should be nominated on the basis of pavement smoothness, quality control and complexity.   Nominations are due at the NCPA office no later than October 25, 2018 for projects substantially completed in 2019.  Projects completed too late for consideration for last year’s awards should be submitted for consideration for this year’s award. IMPORTANT: Specific project information requested in this nomination form meets minimum requirements for adequate judging of the project. Any additional information provided to aid in the judging of the project will be of benefit to you. Print neatly or type and please verify the spelling and accuracy of this information. Names and locations will appear on the award as submitted on this nomination form.  Digital submittals are preferred, but mailed paper submittals are acceptable.
All projects nominated will be rated by a selection panel chosen by the NCPA Executive Director. The panel will be selected from the membership of the Nebraska Concrete Paving Association; the Nebraska Concrete and Aggregates Association; consultant engineers; a representative of the Nebraska Department of Transportation’s Construction Division, and a representative of the Federal Highway Administration. Winners will be notified prior to the Concrete Paving Workshop.
Awards will be presented at the Awards Luncheon held at the Cornhusker Hotel on January 21, 2019. The Awards for each category will be presented to the contractor and design engineer/consultant (where appropriate) for each winning project. All projects nominated will be recognized at the awards luncheon with photos taken following the announcement of the winning entries.
The following features of each project will be evaluated by the selection panel.  Nominating documents and photographs should emphasize these features. The overriding issue is timeliness of completion. Special consideration will be given for completion on or ahead of schedule. SMOOTHNESS: The nominating group shall submit a certified profilograph report, I.R.I Report or other ride quality or smoothness documentation. QUALITY CONTROL: Items to be considered are:
  • Thickness
  • Texture
  • Strength and Strength Data
  • General Appearance
  • Air Content
  • Uniformity and Consistency
  • Joints
  • Mix Design* *cement content per yard, IF a standard NDOT mix was used list mix number; if a gradation optimized (Shilstone) mix was used, please note “optimized gradation.” Additives used should be noted.
COMPLEXITY: The complexity of a project is recognized as an important rating factor. Items that affect the complexity include:
  • Project Size
  • Bridge Approaches
  • Geometrics
  • Special Contract Requirements
  • Interchanges
  • Special Material Requirements
  • Intersections
  • Work Zone Traffic (Volume & Control)
  • Railroad Crossings
INNOVATION: Special items that enhance equality, timeliness of completion, and safety will be considered. Unique features such as Fast Track, equipment innovations or modifications, new materials, overlays, construction sequences, and design cross-sections will be of interest. GENERAL APPEARANCE:
  • No wasted materials within the ROW limits
  • Striping straight and bright
  • Front and back face of curbs straight
  • Uniform pavement texture
  • Joints filled and not overfilled
  • Minimal grinding to correct smoothness issues
  • Were project meetings scheduled and attended regularly, and minutes kept?
  • What coordination occurred prior to construction starting?
  • What unforeseen circumstances caused schedule changes, and how were the needed changes implemented?
  • How was local access maintained?
  • What were the greatest challenges to completing the project on time?
  • Was the project completed on time?
  • List any accidents affecting the travelling public
  • List any worker related accidents
  • Tell us what the contractor did to enhance safety for both the travelling public and the workers
It is highly recommended that you provide five photos.  Digital photos are preferred; however glossy prints of the finished project are acceptable.  These will assist in determining the winning project from among the nominees.  They will not be returned.  If selected as a winner, these photos will be used for publication.  Photographs of the paving process are also requested, if available, but not required. If submitting online, you will have an opportunity to upload image files. For mailed submissions, include a flash drive with images added, or include a link to access the photos you wish to submit.

IMPORTANT: If submitting online, is highly recommended that you craft your responses in another document, then copy & paste your submission information into the online form. Should you lose internet connectivity or exceed time limits to submit your application, information entered could be lost. Please contact our webmaster if you require additional assistance in submitting your online nomination.

Online Nomination Form




If you prefer to send your application by mail, an editable 2019 Awards Nomination Form can be downloaded, completed and mailed on or before the deadline of Friday, October 25, 2019. All mailed submissions should be sent to: Bruce Grupe, PE., NCPA., 5700 Seward Ave., Ste. B., Lincoln, NE 68507.

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