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Workshop Presentations

View the 2018 Workshop Presentations

Review the presentations offered at the 39th Annual NCPA Concrete Paving Workshop by clicking the “+” sign for each topic of interest.

Non-Destructive Testing: Using the Maturity Method & Alternatives to Coring

Drone Use in Industry
Choosing the Proper PCC Mix for Durability
The Concrete Matrix
Silica Safety Requirements
Ethics for Engineers
NDOT's Concrete Pavement: Past, Present & Future
Concrete 101
ABC in Nebraska
The Minnich Auto Vibe System
Nebraska Precast Concrete Pavement
Lessons Learned from Real-Time Smoothness Technology Demos
Concrete Overlay Performance in Nebraska
Washington County Road 4: Overlay with Geotextile Fabric
How Local Agencies Decide to Use PCC Overlays
Upcoming Airport Projects
FHWA Update
Whitetopping: The Minnesota Experience
Maintaining Access on Concrete Overlay Projects
Two-Lift Paving
Update on Deicer Distress
Attracting the Younger Generation to Civil Engineering & Construction
Repair Options for Concrete Roadways
Smart Concrete and Autonomous Cars: Building the Future of Roads